Technique – Content Relationship

In this practice, I took one of my recent experiences of hallucinations and I tried to illustrate it. The hallucination was of a spider hanging from a thread from my bedroom ceiling. The practice was not just to illustrate the hallucination but rather experimenting and finding a technique and style that would give a proper visualisation of the hallucination. If I was to give three key worlds of the visual experience I would say : 1) blurry image/eyesight, 2) constant movement and 3) shades of black and grey. So, these were the elements that I have used in this gif in order to create a relationship between the technique and the content. Overall, I am very satisfied from the results, from personal experience I must say that this gif is very accurate and efficient visually and aesthetically, in a way it almost feels like the same. spider-halucination

Same gif but with slightly more aggressive movement. Still is quite tricky to remember exactly all the details. spider move.gif

This gif has thicker and darker lines and feels like it’s breathing. Still, I believe the first technique is closer to the experience. thick spider.gif

Lastly, I have combined both techniques together to see the results. Again, all the techniques are quite similar and give a close sense of the hallucination but the first give is the most accurate. Fusion.gif



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