Tell Tale Heart – Edgar Allan Poe

This is a short animation of Edgar Allan Poe’s story called “Tell Tale Heart” where the narrator describes a murder he committed of an old man to the audience. The reason why he killed the old man was because he was scared and distressed by the old man’s white and cloudy eye. The narrator tries to persuade the audience that he is not crazy by arguing that only a sane could execute such an accurate plan for a murder. The narrator finally kills the old man and chop him to pieces… hiding them in the house. The neighbour hears a scream and send the police over there. Even though the policemen did not suspect anything the narrator confess his crime after hearing the old man’s heart beating and blood licking. The narrator suffers from schizophrenia and experiences visual and verbal hallucinations. The visual representation of mental illness is very strong and efficient in penetrating the audience’s mind and create suspense through dark images and noir style. The narrator (voice actor) amplifies the relationship between the image and the sound with soft but also aggressive narrating at some point… almost like a rolling coaster. Also there are a lot of “camera shots” from different angles and sometimes from the narrators point of view that also makes the whole atmosphere to relate with its content.


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