Main Characters Introduction – Project

These are the seven main characters of my short animation movie that I will present in the final piece. These black and white illustrations also includes rough notes of background stories and characteristics. The main protagonist however is the character called John and his mental illness is OCD. Due to private experience with this syndrome I have chosen my protagonist to have this syndrome as to give better emphasis on him.

These characters have quite ordinary looks, their physical appearances do not indicate hinds of a mental illness. The representation of mental illness should not be depicted through their looks as I have discussed through my research points and conclusions thus far. I structured the physical looks of my characters to look neutral in terms of indicating a mental illness and that is how I visually represent mental illness in their appearances.

What I have just said applies for all of my characters except the one at the middle of the first row. The idea behind this character was to depict him as an ugly guy with all the elements that I have talked about in my research thus far like “big forehead, thick eyebrows and dysmorphic elements”. Having said that, I made him the only character without a mental illness and thats how I start to shake the stereotypes that I have mentioned in my research.


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