Tangled – I’ve Got A Dream

This is a scene from Disney’s animated movie “Tangled” where Rapunzel visits a place full of vicious criminals and talks about her dream of seeing the lights. Then she asks the men if they have dreams of their own and some of them start to share their dreams by singing. This scene inspired me the most to come up with the story of the script of my short animation that I will present in my final presentation. In my script, which I will post in the future posts my characters are all gathered in a coffee shop and start to sing individually about their mental illness. However, there are some key elements that make this scene to work which I am going to mention by analyzing the scene. This scene offers the type of humour I would like to see in my script. 

Contrast: There is a great contrast that works very nicely in adding a big dose of humour and that is the contrast between the men and their dreams. They are depicted as vicious and scary criminals especially with their physical appearance also dressed in viking-like outfits but their dreams are anything but that, for example : interior designer, pianist, lover, florist etc.

Short, white bearded old man: I believe this character is the one that stole the lights in this scene due to his hilarious appearance but also to the fact that he looks a bit of insane. This characters appearance gives a touch of insanity if like having some viking-like men singing was not funny enough already.

Animals: Having two rats in the scene dancing in joy and cheering the men who sing about their dreams is the cherry on top of the cake. Again, there is a little touch of insanity when you look at those rats cheering like if they have dreams on their own. Last but not least, a sheep is standing casually in a barrel, indoors, chewing grass while everything else happens next to it.

N. Greno & B. Howard (2010). Tangled. US: Walt Disney Pictures


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