The Sophisticated Phoenix

This is an illustration of the logo of the coffee shop that is mentioned in the script of my short animation. First of all, I have chosen a phoenix, an ancient greek  greek mythological creature which has the ability to rebirth through its ashes when it dies. Phoenix is an amazing creature, a symbol of reincarnation, transformation and life it self. According to my script the characters come out of the closet and perform a confession that feels like being really alive , transforming them selfs somehow and those values I found similar to a phoenix. Second of all, I have chosen the word “sophisticated” as to make contrast with the crazy things that take place in the coffee shop, to create an ironic situation. The logo it self shoes an orange-red phoenix wearing  hat and smoking pipe as to look sophisticated. What is more, there is a cup of coffee inside or between its feathers and indicates that it is a coffee shop.



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