A summarise of the relationship between my research, research question and Project

First of all, my research question and generally my research is about the visual and verbal representations of mental illness that can be understood and received by the audience.So far in my research, I have indicated certain stereotypes and some examples of verbal and visual representations of Mental Illness in Animation of other artists. I came up with a conclusion and potential choices for my project that consists of :

A) Use official terms/names of mental syndromes/states in my short animation. If we should label this choice we could call it an “Honest and Straightforward verbal representation of Mental Illness in an Animation”.

B) The physical looks of the characters of my short animation should look ordinary and neutral, placed somewhere in a “grey zone”, with neither good physical looks or bad physical looks.  With that way I could bury some of the stereotypes that I have indicated in my previous research.

C) Humour, a key element that should be used as the core in my short animation, as I have indicated with a quotation of mine in my Christmas’s presentation : Does it not feel better when you lighten up serious matters?  

Note: Thus far in my script I have written the first three parts with an introduction of the characters and event places. As far as to how I will visually represent the mental illnesses of my characters is yet to be decided and by practice based research will help to achieve that. 

What is next for my research?

I have previously talked about stereotypes, verbal and visual representations of Mental Illness that may stigmatise people. But at this point, I should mention that most of my research was not done in old cartoons and some investigations of others that I have found were old too. So, a research and investigation of Mental Illness in contemporary animation or movies would probably give different results and conclusions. By saying that, I will raise some questions and ideas that are “opposite” of my previous research conclusions. In this research I will take the opposite approach than in my previous research and examine why some things work so well , either accurate or inaccurate.

For instance, are inaccurate verbal representation of mental illness, words like “coo-coo” or “lunatic” and visual representations like ugly physical looks some how what should be done in order to entertain and make the audience laugh? A great example of this statement is the cartoon series “Looney tunes”, every one loves them even though its elements confirm the theory of my first research. But, from another perspective its success in undoubtable and its methods and strategies work great. For next, I will analyse and investigate some of the characteristics of “Looney Tunes” as well as its characters.


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