Making decisions after feedback

After I was given feedback about my character’s development and script I made some important decisions about modification and changes:

As I have mentioned in previous post the intended number of the main characters to be shown in the short animation was seven and now is reduced to five. As the duration time of the short animation is limited it would be best for me to focus on less characters.

After feedback was given about my script, I have decided to include a narrator that will help the audience to have a greater sense of what’s happening in the story.

The duration time of my short animation should be between four and five minutes maximum.

I will not animate the entire script, but instead my animation will be only about two separate parts of the story. The first one will be the part where the protagonist wakes up in his apartment and gets ready for work. The second part will be the main part which the protagonist goes to the coffee shop and interacts with the rest of my main characters.


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