Experimenting with Techniques – Schizophrenia and Hallucinations – Judge Olie

Judge Olie is one of my main characters and according to the script he has schizophrenia and also experiences hallucinations. I made some sketches of him without his wig and job’s suit. He is generally bolt with some black hair on the very top of his head. In my short animation I will present him in his night dress, wearing his glasses and holding an oil lamp maybe walking in his house, where his disorder kicks in.


These are some experimental drawings done with a very tiny black marker using just one or two lines for the whole figure. I really like this technique, one I have used a lot in my bachelor’s projects that basically gives an energetic and messy tone to the drawing. The same was done for the background. After I was done with the drawing I decided to crop the drawing into a few parts, trying to altering the relationship of the figure and the background. I was trying to pass on the feeling, from my perspective, where one who experiences hallucinations becomes unsure about his surroundings and self as well. I like the results of this technique, however I want to find a way to make clearer indications of the character’s characteristics like the ones I have shown in the prototype drawings.

Playing and experimenting by swiping the parts around I came up with a series of drawings that from my perspective could be very potential to produce movement if combined together.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.18.26.png

At the end of this experiment, I decided to take four of those pictures and recorded them with my phone by swapping from one to another. The result was to get a slight sense or feeling of movement , whereas you can see a brief light come and go in each swapping. This brief light was not intended, however as a happy accident it serves well to give an extra sense of this event. This was done very rough, however it looks very potential and I will continue to investigate this technique and come up with something good.



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