Experimenting in potential techniques, styles and ideas – Judge Olie – Hallucinations and Schizophrenia

After doing the storyboard of the first part of my short animation I though it was time to start making ideas of the second part where I introduce to the audience the rest of the characters and their conditions. Judge Ollie is one of my main characters suffering from schizophrenia and hallucinations. The opening scene starts from a close up in Ollie’s head for some seconds and then his condition starts to kick in.


The eyes below represent the final stage of the transaction between reality and hallucinations. Influenced by personal experience, I have tried to make a visual representation of the sensation you have in the eyes when you are hallucinating. This is not a representation of the eyesight but the eyes themselves.


Next, by taking shots in different angles and perspectives and combining the drawings above together, I have made the video below. The idea is to represent the transaction between reality and hallucinations, to capture the very moment when my character jumps into the hallucinating world. I have also use some filters on the video to represent the eyesight, which as it looks in the video is blurry and dizzy. I have attached the theme music of Jaws into my video just to give an idea of the style of music that I would like to have, which is intensity and terror.


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