The character below is created based on character Ollie’s mental disease. Judge Ollie’s schizophrenic condition causes him to see a fictional character that does not exist. The fictional character is a cat called “Flying cat” and it usually wears a shirt. Flying cat has genitals of a human male instead of normal ones. The reason why I have chosen to do this is because I wanted my character to look disturbing rather than scary, to have a disturbing character representing the very unstable nature of the disease itself.


Like I have shown in my previous post, I have combined image shots from different angles combined with more than one drawings to create the video below. This representation though is exclusively about the eyesight of my character rather than his eyes themselves. Again, with inspiration from personal experience I have divided the act in two parts: the first one is when his hallucination is of a normal cat without that expresses nothing but normality and the second part is when the cat changes into something twisted and disturbing. At the end of the video the cat’s face takes all the space and you just watch his eyes go back and forth. This is a sense which I was trying to pass on to the audience, a feeling of domination or fear of being possessed. I have attached a part of Mozart’s Symphony No.40 which provides an intense and sharp tone, a type of music I would like to have in my video.


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