Working on my Storyboard

These are the first four frames of my storyboard which roughly set the place and atmosphere where the events are taking place, along with the two characters of this part. The opening scene starts with a full shot of Ollie siting and leaning his body on the table with his front side facing the audience. My character is against a dark background with no objects that in a way give you the feeling like he is being consumed by it. I would like the first scene to last for some moments and at all times the atmosphere should be very silent. Then I would like to have a close up on his face just to capture a temporary calmness and stiffness on his facial characteristics before getting into the hallucinating state. The transaction of how I would like to have this scene unfold is being depicted with two videos that I made and posted in my two previous posts. After the events of the transaction the character goes back into a mid-calm state and he can now clearly see his hallucination without blur and shaking vision. The fourth frame of this storyboard depicts the two of them facing each other agains a dark and silent background. However, there is no mention between them like it happened in the transaction. At the moment, I am developing the idea of having those two characters playing a game of Russian roulette. In addition, I always keep in mind to leave space for humour and find clever ways to combine these all the different elements together.

Short sum-up of the storyboard:  Ollie suffers from a mental disease called schizophrenia and also experiences hallucinations. In the opening scene, Ollie can’t get  a sleep so he walks into the kitchen and sits in a chair. The lights are off but there is just a glimpse of light coming form a lampshade. He is looking into the blank while slowly he jumps into the world of hallucinations, mentally. He sees a fictional cat sitting in front of him and facing him. The cat called “Flying Cat” puts a gun on the table and challenges Ollie into a game of Russian roulette. They start playing the game, but at a certain point Ollie can stand the tension and pressure and decides to shoot Flying Cat to death. A close up on Ollie’s face follows right after the cat’s death until the audience gets a full shot of him sitting alone in the dark. There are no traces of the cat or the blood spilled on the table and the wall, so the final scene reveals that nothing happened for real but instead inside his head. I like the idea of the audience wondering wether this event has happened before or will happen in the future. The answer differ in each individual’s mind, so in a way is urging the audience to come up with some story filling of their own.






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