Feedback and Changes

After receiving some helpful feedback about the second storyboard of my short animation I have decided to make the appropriate changes in order to have a clean and understandable animation. I have made both characters more simplistic and clear, which I am going to use on  After Effects to create movement. I have not put colour filling neither on the background or my characters as I will do that on After Effects.


For the hair, eyebrows and mustache i have used similar types of rough shapes en each element. I have removes any shirt collars that my character used to have. However, the character still has a distinguish appearance and is very similar to the previous prototypes.


I have removed the shirt and fur from the character and used more simplified and rough shapes for his facial characteristics.

After doing changes to my characters I moved on to do the same for the rest of the frames in my storyboard. Next, I used TvPaint and combined the frames together to make the animatic below. Still, there is no colour and depth in it as I will do that later on by using After effects.

Storyboard 2 - Animatic.gif

The animation below named “Echo” made by Merlin Flugel shows some simplistic type of drawings however it’s impact is very strong and efficient. This animation helped me to see and know the importance of having a set of drawings for an animation that are simple , clear and strong at the same time. At the end of the day, having a clear yet accurate structure in your characters and their surroundings will give you the chance to achieve greater movement.

M. Flugel. (2012). Echo. Berlinale: Germany.


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