A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Recently, I came across the movie below called “A Beautiful Mind” which follows the story of a man named John who suffers from schizophrenia. His mental decease is depicted in the form of delusions and hallucinations. Accordingly, his delusions come in the form of human beings : a man called Charles who is his roommate, Charle’s niece and a another man called Parcher who works in a unit against Russian conspiracy. The aforementioned people of course are not real, however director Ron Howard gives to those characters life by using actual actors to portrait them. The effect is really getting to know the struggle of people experiencing schizophrenia in this particular form, however his approach leaves you with affection and compassion towards the main character and probably feelings of empathy to those who experience similar events.

R. Howard. (2001). A Beautiful Mind. Universal Pictures: United States


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