Working on the technique

After Andy’s tutorial, I was given the task to make a 5-6 second GIF on After Effect of the scene where the Flying Cat takes the gun and points it to the camera. However, before I start doing that I thought that I should first improve the technique on the character. Like before, I have used a layout paper and drew the character enough times until I reach the desired result.


This is the first drawing which I have developed into the drawings below.


The first important change that I made on the second drawing was to make his mouth wider and remove the lower line below his mouth.


I have changed the basic shape of his head and make his ears more hairy.


I have made his lower cheeks even more wider. I have made his shoulders less wider.

I have used After Effect to make a loop between the last two drawings above. I have not used very similar drawings and that is why there is a little more shaking than it should be. However, due to the content of my project I like the result, because in a way it represents elements of schizophrenia and hallucinations. I have tried to export it but I failed, that is why I recorded it with my phone and uploaded it on youtube.


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