Progression and plans for the Final Piece

First of all, considering the time left and and my skills I have decided for the last piece to be no more than 10 seconds of rotoscoped animation. I kept in mind to at least pass some messages that I mentioned in my practice based research and one of them was to present the idea of having official terms for mental illness in animation. The concept of the video below is simple: A man sitting on his desk writing ” I am mad” and right bellow it also writing ” I have schizophrenia”. With the rotoscoping technique I will draw a line on top of the first phrase so ideally I will show the relationship between official and unofficial terms of mental illness. In the meantime with the help of rotoscoping I will have to present elements of schizophrenia in the video as it goes on. The video below is 23 seconds

The video below is 8 seconds and is going to be the structure in which I will base my rotoscoping. I have edit it leaving the parts which I believe are the important ones. You can nearly notice some rotoscoping in this video which I did just to make sure that looks okay. I have taken a screen shot of the frame which I have rotoscoped, still I will add all the elements and characteristics of schizophrenia later on.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.14.40.png

Lastly, I was thinking again and again about a clever way to extend my video’s length so I could have the chance to add narration in it. So, i have decided after finishing the rotoscoping to reduce the speed of the animation to 50% and gain double time. In terms of the concept I think it does not affect any part of the concept whatsoever and yet would probably add a certain mood in the video.


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