Final Submission – My animation is complete

I have finally inserted the narration in my animation video and also added all the finishing touches. I have chosen to make the narration in Greek because I thought as it is my first language, I would be able to set the tone and atmosphere exactly as I wanted. I have included english subtitles.



Live Action Combination – Last Stages

After editing and re-editing my animation I have managed to have the length needed for each part so that my narration will fits best with my animation. At the end I have also added the live action part where my character writes the phrase ” I have schizophrenia”. However, I have not put the last live action part yet where my character stands up and walks towards the camera. So far my animation looks good and very closed to what I had in mind when I started doing it.

The work goes on

After doing some important parts of the animation, I have decided to start shading the whole piece mainly with shades of grey. I really like the results and I believe that my decision to exclude the rest of the colours serves best to create a dark, creepy and mysterious atmosphere which I wanted to have in my animation.

Part 1.gif

Making Progress

The work goes on, adding the part where my character writes some phrases on a piece of parchment. In the second gif below I have added shading in a part trying to experiment and check how it looks with the shade on.

285 frames

This Gif consists of 285 frames.

285 frames + shadow

Adding shade in the second part.

Progression on my Animation

The gifs below show the progression in the early stages from frames 13 to 131, which consists of movement, zoom and shading. The original video is removed after the rotoscoping which leaves a clear and strong outline for the animation.

134 frames

This gif consists of 131 frames

92 frames

This is a 94 frame gif

21 frames

This is a 24 frame gif.

13 frames + shade

I did some experimentation with shade.

13 frames

13 frames.